Working with an extensively developed network of top quality contacts for all supply requirements, we will ensure that customers receive both quality and cost effectiveness. By managing standard requirements professionally, we can regularly update you on every aspect of your event and discuss requirements or any concerns.






The Wedding

We pick up your romance in writing, the invitation to your story. Your guests are literally transported to a world reimagined. Every scent, sound, sight, touch, and taste, is crafted to create the experience of a lifetime. Be it a midsummer night’s dream or a winter’s tale, there must be magic in the telling. No one will ever forget your story.





Corporate Events

Business is more complex than a single thought. An organization has an identity, a story, a purpose. Your event should invoke that, succinctly and powerfully. Jewelry is not about the model who wears it. An artisan’s creation is evocative. Your business is more than a single thought. Whether you have a few hundred guests or a few thousand, they should all understand who you are, your place in the world and their place in yours.





Moments that stand out are the times when you stop, appreciate and celebrate. Demand nothing less than a world created for your favorite things. Imagine horses, candy, your favorite restaurant for two recreated, a giant concert held in your honor. All milestones are an accomplishment, built of time, effort and growth. Your celebration should be just as memorable.






Everyday grace should be more than a slogan. You deserve to live well. Whether you want to entertain with elegance or create your perfect sanctuary, let us help you learn to recognize how you can craft a world from what you love. Every day is important.






Transform your space. Put art into living and living into life. Let mere grandiosity make way for authenticity. Static landscaping can become a park, an orchard, a place to meditate. Your home or business can be a living environment that can have meaning now, and a century from now. Your story goes beyond simple design






Souvenir and Gift

Leave unforgettable impression with the unique Souvenir and Gift




The Experience

Beyond theatre, beyond mere entertainment, an experience is shared, lived, felt by everyone present. Expand the stage. Break down the fourth wall, the barrier between what is created and what is observed. When a piece of the world is transformed, the perspectives of performer and guest blend to engender a wholly new event, a unique experience. Let the story merge with life. Remember, in the darkest of places lies the brightest light. Embrace the dichotomy.